T. Caires to Join Snowbright Studio


T. Caires Joins Snowbright Studio as Co-Founder

Cleveland, OH / February 1st Snowbright Studio is excited to announce today the joining of T. Caires to the Snowbright team as Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder. Snowbright is an LGBTQ+ game studio dedicated to creating unique and heartwarming experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds. With the addition of T. to the team, Snowbright will begin publishing their own games and signing other creators' designs for licensing and publishing.

The success of Snowbright’s first tabletop Kickstarter for Teatime Adventures, a roleplaying game that focuses on non-violent cozy adventures in a whimsical fantasy world, allowed Snowbright to seek new opportunities in the tabletop gaming space. Their foray into publishing their own products for consumer and retail sales led them to discover T., who having recently left their position as Games Channel Manager at HABA USA, was seeking new opportunities as well.

“I’ve always strongly believed that making and playing games should be about people. Making games – the business of making games – should focus on the people that are doing the making and the playing, not the financial bottom line. Gaming is really about the people playing games and the experiences they have while playing,” said T. “I was excited by Snowbright’s goals and company mission statements, and I’m very excited to work with the team to achieve those goals.”

T. will lead the company's vision alongside Snowbright's CEO, Grace Collins, a former Smithsonian and U.S. Department of Education games and education policy advisor under President Obama. "We're working every day here at Snowbright to redefine what it means to play, and it's such a natural fit to have T. come in to lead the charge on that. T. has been a force for good in the gaming industry for so long. It's like finding the last piece of the puzzle," Collins said. "We say that we are a studio with a purpose, and we mean it. We will continue to promote inclusivity, diversity, and representation within the gaming space and we are all thrilled to be working toward that together." Collins will continue to lead Snowbright's education policy and corporate services work.

​​Snowbright Studio began as a research-based interactive media development company that provides design, research, and diversity, equity, and inclusion services to some of the world's largest technology and game companies. In 2021, Snowbright launched its own in-house studio which is dedicated to creating unique and heartwarming tabletop and digital games for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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For more information about this announcement, please contact Snowbright Studio’s Communications Manager at Media@SnowbrightStudio.com

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