Teatime Adventures

Teatime Adventures

Put the kettle on! A world of joyous mystery and thriving culture awaits you.

A crop of the Teatime Adventures cover.

It's time to settle in with some good friends, a hot pot of tea, and something scrumptious from the oven as you enter the world of the Verdant Isles in Teatime Adventures. Explore the town of Oakenbend and help the townsfolk solve a series of pot-stirring mysteries. 

Over 200 pages of heartwarming adventures, with beautiful illustrations, vibrant colors, characters, and flavors throughout.

Teatime Adventures contains a variety of new cultures, ancestries, magic, mechanics, and lore in an LGBTQ+ and disability friendly world.

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Gameplay Features

Old Daff, the friendliest dog in Oakenbend

Teatime Adventures is a series of four one shot adventures, each able to fill between one and four teatime sessions. These cozy adventures are set in the fully realized LGBTQ+ and disability friendly town of Oakenbend. Filled with adventures featuring rich narrative gameplay mechanics that allow players to explore mysteries, relationships, and meaning. 

Teatime Adventures encourages conflict resolution and empathy over traditional combat. 

After all, swinging swords and all that nonsense might knock over your tea set!

Each adventure features a tea pairing and an honest to goodness homemade vegetarian recipe for the table to share!

Want to enjoy some custom tea blends with your adventuring? We partnered with Friday Teas to create a Verdant Isles inspired Tea Collection.

In the Press 

Here's what people have to say about Teatime Adventures!

  • Game Knight Heroes "New and different from the typical D&D that I play"
  • Geek Native "Verdant Isles: Teatime Adventures is a heartwarming game"
  • Dicebreaker "[Teatime Adventures] looks to swap the RPG’s swords and sorcery for the cozier alternatives of baking, gardening and having a cuppa."
  • Gayming Magazine "[N]ew and exciting things are releasing that challenge what we know about a typical Dungeons and Dragons adventure. One such thing is Verdant Isles: Teatime Adventures from Snowbright Studio."

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