Time Tails

Time Tails

Follow 80's kids Ari and Zoe as they travel through time to fix "glitches" in history by changing the game's programming!

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Time Tails, Episode One - Visit the American Revolution with two time traveling cats from the 80’s! Help Ari and Zoe fix glitches in time so that revolutionary hero Sybil Ludington can make her famous nighttime ride.

This short point-and-click adventure game helps players become familiar with the basics of 3D coordinate systems and how they are used in popular game development software such as Unity.

Time Tails is a series of games funded in part by the US Department of Education to help provide learners of all ages with an entry point for learning game design. Each episode transports you to a different point in history and introduces players to new skills. The games are research-backed and can be used in classrooms, libraries, or at home. Future episodes will cover a variety of game design and computer science topics.

Episode 1 Available on Steam Now!

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